Activities To Develop Problem Solving, Reasoning, And Numeracy Skills For Preschool Students

Activities To Develop Problem Solving, Reasoning, And Numeracy Skills For Preschool Students

As one of the best preschools in Jakarta, there is no doubt that Global Sevilla should serve efficient learning activities for their student. In this case, the Preschool program emphasizes some area of learning development, which is problem-solving, reasoning, and numeracy. But how does this preschool Jakarta Barat implement it in the program? Here are some of the answers.

Learning Activities To Help Developing Problem Solving, Reasoning, And Numeracy

1. Introduction Of Numeracy And Simple Calculation At Young Age

Numeracy skills can be honed from the very beginning of the program. In this case, Global Sevilla School provides at least five programs that serve different focuses. But the numeracy and basic skill to discover color or shapes are given from the toddler class. It is because the younger children have a very immense curiosity and feeling of interest toward something new.

That is why the teacher will give some activities that use a plethora of toys and materials. From a simple colorful ball, child toys, to the more advanced trinket that encourages students to count. Students can figure out the color, size, or textures of the toys or materials. In these stages, the teacher needs to guide the student to understand what they have.

2. Using Toys And Playing Games

Preschool Jakarta Barat also employs learning activities that use toys and games. The idea of these activities is to provide fun and entertaining learning while making the students active in the class. There are numerous things to do and possibilities in these activities. Students will have to play in the group, sharing their information, toys, and also communicating.

Another thing that becomes a great focus is the ability to help developing motor skills and personal abilities. Students in the kindergarten 1 programs will have to play with some toys and games to engage their logic. As they reach kindergarten 2, the activities will be more complex with higher difficulties and challenges.

3. Challenges And Simple Experiments 

Challenges and experiments come in a plethora of shapes. It can be a simple case where the students are given tasks to help the preschool Jakarta Barat teacher. Challenges to make some project together with parents and friends, playing games with higher difficulties levels, to solve some puzzle games or trinkets.

Taking a look at the activities, you can tell that the school trying to implement critical thinking skills for their preschool students. The use of toys, plays, games, a simple experiment, and other fun activities are expected to develop students’ basic skills. Along with it, the young learner will be more prepared to transit into a higher level of education.

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